Welcome to the September Reading Challenge Activity!

We thought we’d have some silly fun this month and do some title mash-ups. The goal is to create a single sentence using three book titles, from three different Coastal Magic 2020 Featured Authors. It’ll take a few minutes to come up with something cohesive, but as you can see in the example (using previous years’ Featured Author titles, so I don’t take any options away from you guys), the results can be hilarious!!


  • At least three separate book titles
  • At least 3 different #CMCon20 Featured Authors
  • Post your sentence on your own social media pages and use hashtag #CMCon20TitleMashup (Only posts with this hashtag will be tracked so please check your spelling.)
  • Posts should be timestamped no later than September 30th by 11:59 PT.


  • Tag the authors of the books when you post
  • Tag ME on social media for quicker confirmation of points: Facebook, Twitter, and IG.
  • May use ONLY 2 of THESE “connector” words: to, for, with, an, and, who, the, of, when, a, is
  • *If you use connector words, they must be in parenthesis () in your sentence to separate them from the actual book titles


3 Social Media points (in addition to any regular monthly posts, for a maximum of 6 points available in September!)


How many sentences can I submit for points? At this time, only 1 sentence per person will earn points towards the Reading Challenge. However, if you all like this challenge as much as I hope you will, we may look to expand based on feedback.

Do I have to post the covers or links to the books I used? No. The graphic is for inspiration and as a visual explanation of the activity. How you present your finished sentence is up to you.

Do I need to use the 3 books/authors in the description/photo or can I pick any books? You can choose any book from #CMCon20 Featured Authors. (See the full list of authors here.)

Can I use more than 3 book titles? Yes. We encourage you to be as creative as you want to be. However, all qualifying entries are still worth 3 Activity Points.

Can I use the same author for all 3 sentences? No. The sentence is required to be (atleast) 3 book titles AND include (atleast) 3 different authors. However, once you have met the 3 titles/3 authors threshold, then duplicating an author (or one of their other pen names) is allowed.

If there is a “connector” word in the book title, does it reduce the number of additional connector words I can use? No. All words in the title must be included, so they do not count toward your “connector” word allowance.

Do I need to fill out the CMCon20 Reading Challenge Form to claim these points? No. Tagging me on social media AND using the #CMCon20TitleMashup hashtag should be enough. However, due to possible privacy settings on your own social media pages, filling out the form would be helpful.

Where is the CMCon20 Reading Challenge Form? Here is a link to the form. I would need your name, email address, and the link to your social media post. Feel free to leave the other fields of the form blank.

Do I have to be participating in the Reading Challenge to collect these Activity points? No. This and any other convention activities are open to all attendees.

Why should I care about collecting Activity Points if I am not reading books in the Reading Challenge? All points you are awarded – be they from reading books, sharing news about Coastal Magic or #CMCon20 Authors, or by completing additional posted activities – will go towards added perks at the convention. For example, a popular attraction at Coastal Magic is the charity event, with baskets donated by our very generous Authors. Every 5 points you collect will earn you an additional ticket you can then use to enter the drawing for the basket of your choice. See a list of all the perks here.