#CMCon20 Featured Author Lucienne Diver is a woman of many talents. Those of you who’ve been coming to Coastal Magic since it’s inception have seen her every year. We’ve spotlighted some of her books (along with her pups!) today, and we’ve experienced her generously sharing her love for our shared author friend, Rachel Caine. In addition to her writing, Lucienne is the agent extraordinaire for a long list of incredible authors (are YOUR favorites on this list?), and a passionate member of the LGBTQ+ ally community. Some of you may remember her awesome jewelry table at previous Coastal Magic weekends. SHE MAKES ALL OF THOSE!!! And it’s always a treat to follow her social media, and see all of the amazing cosplay outfits she creates for herself, and her very supportive husband. 🙂 There’s a lot to our Lucienne, and we’re lucky to have her with us again for this year’s Coastal Magic event.

If you’ve caught up on all of her existing books (or even if you haven’t, yet)… make sure to add her upcoming release to your calendar… WordFire Press will be bringing out her lastest YA suspense novel DISAPPEARED in 2020!!!

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