Kiernan Kelly, who also writes YA under the name Dakota Chase, is well known for her creativity, humor, and courage when crafting her stories. Be it exotic shifters, paranormal rodeos, time traveling kids, tongue-in-cheek comedy, or contemporary mid-lifers, Ms. Kelly enjoys pushing the boundaries of expectation. No subject is off limits; no idea too outlandish. Taming a laundry list of un-related concepts into a masterpiece, no problem! Which is exactly why she is known as “The Hammer” on the Flash Fiction panel at Coastal Magic. She takes all the odds-and-ends passed down from each author and nails one hell of an ending!

However, her creativity isn’t limited to writing. Life is art, and she’s not afraid to try just about anything. Paint, clay, make-up, ribbons, yarn, paper, glue, glass, skin, metal, cloth, digital, canvas, pens, brushes, fingers, glitter? Yep! She’s won Blue Ribbon Awards for pointillism, transformed ordinary 2D items into amazing 3D sculptures, has worked as a face painter in several elite Florida theme parks, and (together with her husband) owns a party planning service that specializes in real-time art like face painting, balloon artistry, caricatures and the like. She’s a modern day renaissance woman!

Did you know that she has crafted a one-of-a-kind, perfectly themed sculpture as a door prize for CMC Cinema Craptastique every year? CMC has had some wonderfully craptastic movies over the years, and somehow Kiernan has always delivered a stunningly gorgeous and unique piece that captured the movie experience. A sculpted and painted wolf scene wrapped around a goblet for Little Red Riding Hood. A milk carton complete with a “Missing” label and movie stats for Abduction. A “Damon” doll on a full stage presenting the movie Vikingdom while in his underwear and a viking hat.

And she’d like to share a little about how her designing process by using the popular current blockbuster, IT as inspiration.

(FYI … There was a technical issue with the audio so there is noticeable noise throughout the video, but Kiernan’s voice is clear and can be heard over the errant sound.)

And here is a picture of the finished product. 🙂

Kiernan Kelly can be found on FB, Amazon and Evil Plot Bunny.

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