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I first read Charlie Cochet all the way back in 2013. I’d been seeing her books pop up more often and in more places since her publishing debut the previous year. I finally took the plunge when a fellow book club member picked her book, The Auspicious Troubles of Chance, for our group read. To be perfectly honest, because I’m not a huge fan of reading period pieces, I was a little nervous on whether or not I would like it. Of course, that went out the window pretty darn quick, as she proved to be a talented writer and masterful storyteller, hooking me with a tale of misfits during a war that was long over.

Many, many books later, I just finished her short/novella story Center of Gravity, the prequel setting up her upcoming Compromise series. A modern day assassin falls for a professional dog walker, on Valentine’s Day, after both are pushed onto a dating app by well meaning family/friends. A little romance, a little action/adventure, and a little humor … everything you can expect from one of Charlie Cochet book.

When I asked other Charlie Cochet fans about their favorites, it probably comes as no surprise that the THIRDS universe, and Dex in particular, came out on top. Telling, since Charlie often names Dex as the character she most sees herself in … the quirks, musical and food tastes, his determination and drive and sense of humor …. all co-opted pieces of her own personality. Others topping the list are Sloane, Ash, and Hobbs from the THIRDS universe and Ace and Leo from the Four Kings Security universe.

Alexey, whose favorite book is Smoke and Mirrors, says they appreciate the “humor and a lot of positive (despite some dark storyline moments)!”

Natasha says, “I love that I can “see” the story in my head and the humorous characters/scenes like Dex running away with his cheesy snacks. Her books have me laughing out loud. I can’t pick just one [scene] but I do like when they go to the bar as a group. Some of the funniest and romantic scenes happen there.

Many fans love the action/adventure nature of a Charlie Cochet book, with super-fan Anthony summing it up best, saying she “writes action like she was born to do it! These elements keep me coming back time and time again. She also writes amazing characters that suck you in and keep you begging for more. I love the part in the first THIRDS book [Hell & High Water] when Dex enters Greenpoint for the first time, I’ve never been so enthralled in a book at that point. Charlie is my favorite author and I love how involved she is with her fans. I’ve read many other m/m books and she’s by far the best.”

Whether you’re picking up your first Charlie book or your 17th, there is always something to suit your mood. She boasts an impressive backlist that offers up a wide variety of tropes, themes, genres, length, and speeds. I like that her supernatural or magic-y storylines always include something new and a fresh angle, regardless of how popular the trope is. Her romance elements run the gamut of sweet to intense, depending on the focus of the overall story, almost like she has a 6th sense on just how much to put the characters through before giving them their eventual HEA. And I love the fun she spreads around, both in her books and in person.

You can find more about Charlie Cochet on her website, including a list of all her social media links, or join other fans in her reader group: Donuts, Dog Tags, and Daydreams.

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